The brighter you are, the More you have to learn.
No one should stop learning since life never stop teaching.
There is a say that the day you stop learning you start dieing.
The More you go forward in life, the More you have things to learn from. Learning doesn’t stop in school, life is an education itself that you don’t graduate from.

Looser live in the past, winners win from the past and enjoy working in the present towards the future. So many people give up because they feel they have face a lot, so many even think God doesn’t love them or God is being partial.
God is not partial. He is not pleased with wickedness.
I don’t know your case right now, is it as terrible as Jabez in the Bible, OR do you think you are facing challenges that is beyond your age. Let me tell you this there is no challenges before you that you can’t handle, it is just because you have not been able to recognize the opportunity inside those challenges, God won’t allow you go through what you won’t pass through.
Hummmm what am I now saying, I am saying that until you know that life is a Great teacher, You will never become a great learner. Great learner are the people who have go through many ups and downs and have been able to stand through the test of time. And have been able to achieve success through it.

I pray God will open your understanding and give you the grace to pass through what you are going through right now.

Have a blessed day
God bless you
God bless Nigeria
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